Important Verbal Reasoning Questions

Solve and Check Answer :

1. If ‘clock’ is called ‘television’ ‘television’  is called ‘radio’ ‘radio’ is called ‘oven’
‘oven’ is called ‘grinder’ and ‘grinder’ is called ‘iron’ in what will a lady bake ?
a. Radio                              b. oven
c. grinder                            d. clock
Ans : c

2. Darkness : Lamp
a. Fatigue : Exercise              b. Thirst :water
c.Medicine : Illness               d.Study : classroom

3.Trumpet is to Band as Knife is to …. ?
a.Fork                                  b. Metal
c. Cutlery                             d. Cut
Ans : c

4. Vigilant : Alert :: Viable …. ?
a. Active                               b. Hopeless
c. Feasible                            d. Useful
Ans : c

 5.WFB, TGD, QHG, ?
a. NIJ                                  b. NIK
c. NJK                                d. OIK
Ans :b

6. c_baa_aca_cacab_acac_bca
a. acbaa                               b. bbcaa
c.bccab                                d.cbaac
Ans : a

7.If in a certain Language, FLOWER is coded as UOLDVI, then howis TERMINAL coded in that language?
a. FLKPMROZ                   b. GVINRMZO
c. RVNIGLKA                   d. MNIVGYEO
Ans: b

8. If X is the Brother of the son of Y’s son, how is X related to Y ?
a. Son                                 b.  Brother
c. Grandson                        d. Cousin
Ans : c

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