Current Affairs Questions -2014

1. The Syed Mustaq ali Trophy is Associated with :
a. football
Ans :c

2. Peace Angel 2014 is a joint military exercise concluded recently between which two countries :
a. India and Bangladesh
b. China and Pakistan
c. China and Bangladesh
d. India and Pakistan
Ans :b

3. the chairman of National water resource council India is:
a. PM
b. Home minister
c. Minister of Agriculture
d. Minister of water resource
Ans :a

4.The AK-47 rifle features on the Flag of which among the following countries :
a. labanon
b. syria
c. mozambique
d. turkey
Ans :c

5. The Warsaw climate conference is also Known as :
a. COP-16
b. COP-17
c. COP-18
d. COP-19
Ans : d

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