Reconstruction of Sentence – I


Questions :

1. I was

(P) and stay for few days in Delhi

(Q) when my father told me

(R) very excited

(S) that i could go with him

a. PORS                      b. QRSP

c. RQSP                      d. SPQR

Ans : c

2. I have not come

(P) even if it means  some humilation

(Q)but the boy must learn

(R) to complain, he said.

(S) to be honest

Ans : c

a. PQRS                         b. QSPR

c. RQSP                        d. SPRQ

Ans :

3. The invasion of India

(P) is more intresting than any other episode of early Indian history

(Q) to most European readers.

(R) by Alexander the Great of Macedonia

(S) which occurred during the rule of the Nandas.

a. PQRS                             b. QSPR

c.RQSP                               d.SRPQ

Ans : c

4. Every body

(P) attacts every other

(Q) wheather big or small

(R) body with the force

(S) in the universe

a. PQRS                                b. QPRS

c. RSPQ                                d. SQPR

Ans : d

5. There was

(P) needed for its everyday life

(Q)a time when each family

(R) for itself most of the things it

(S) actually produced

Ans : b

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