Verbal Ability Questions

Read the following information and answer the questions given below it :

‘A+B’ means ‘A is the daughter of B’ ;
‘A*B’ means ‘A is son of B’ ;
‘A-b’ means ‘A is the wife of B’ ;

    1. If P*Q-S, which of the following is true?
a.       S is wife of Q.
b.      S is Father of P.
c.       P is the Daughter of Q.
d.      Q is Father Of P.

          2. If T-S*B-M, which of the following is true?
a.        B is the mother of S.
b.      M is the husband of B.
c.       T is the wife of S.
d.      S is the daughter of P.

.         3. If Z*T-S*U+p, which is U to Z?
a.       Mother.
b.      Grandmother.
c.       Father.
d.      Cannot Be Determined.
e.      None of these.

    A is the Son of B. B’s sister, has a son D and a daughter E. F is the material uncle of D.
4.  How is A related to B? 
             a.    Cousin
             b.    Nephew
             c.    uncle
             d.    Brother
5. How is E related to f?
             a.   Sister.
             b.   Daughter.
             c.   Niece
             d.   Wife
6. How many nephew does F have?
              a.   Nil
               b. One
               c.  Two
               d.  Three
Read the following information and answer the questions given below it :

(i) .  ‘A$B’ means ‘ A is the mother of B’
(ii).  ‘A#b’ means ‘A is the father of B’
(iii). ‘ A@B’ means ‘ A is the husband of B’
(iv). ‘A%b’ means ‘ A is the daughter of B’
7. P@Q$M#T indicates what relationship of P with T ?
             a.   Paternal Mother
             b.   Maternal Mother
             c.   Paternal Grandfather.
             d.   Maternal Grandfather
             e.   None of these

8.Which of the following expression Indicates ‘R Is the Sister of H’?
            a.   H#D@F#R
            b.   R%D@F$H
            c.    R%D@F$H
            d.    H%D@F$R
            e.    None of these

9. If F@D%K#H, then how F is Related to H?
            a.  Brother-in -Law
            b.  Sister. 
            c.  Sister-in-Law
            d.None of these
10.If G$M@K, how k is related to G?
             a.  Daughter-in-Law
             b.  Daughter
             c.  Aunt
             d. Mother-in-Law
             e. None of these

Out of the Following Choose option which indicates a valid argument containing logically related statement …
11. A.   All balls are locks                 B. All keys are locks.
      C.Some locks are balls                D.Some keys are locks.
a. ACD    b. BEF     c. CDE      d. CEF
12.A.    All Synopses are poets.        B.Some Synopses are mentors.
     C.Some X are not mentors.          D.All X are poets.
a. ACB     b. AEC    c. FEC      d. DFA
13.  A.No window is a door.             B.All Poles are Doors.
       c.No pole is a window.               D.Some poles are not window.
a. ABC      b. ACB    c. BDA    d. DFA
14.  A.Lizards are birds.                      B.Some birds are ants.
       B. Lizards are ants.                       D. Some lizards are ants.
a. ACE     b. ADB     c. BAC     d. BFD
15. A. Some abra are dabra.      B.All abra are cabra.
      C.All dabra are cabra           D.All dabra are not cabra.
      E. Some Cabra are abra
a. ABD   b. AEF     c. BCE      d. BCF

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