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Questions Last Updated: January 19th 2019



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1) Who among the following was the constitutional adviser to the Constituent Assembly of India?
2) Which was the first metal used by man?
3) The tropic of Cancer passes through the states of?
4) Who presided over the inaugural meeting of the Constituent Assembly of India?
5) Length of India's coastline is about?
6) Deciduous trees are those?
7) If there is no Sun, the color of sky would be?
8) Who succeeded Siraj-ud-Daulah as Nawab of Bengal after the Battle of Plassey?
9) Indians in ancient time learnt a lot from the Greeks in the field of?
10) The Himalayan mountain system belongs to which one of the following?
11) A sudden fall in the barometric reading indicates?
12) Which One of the following is at the Lowest height above the Mean Sea Level?

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    plz send mock test

  2. harminder singh says:

    i tries to better in our mind

  3. harminder singh says:

    any one can tried to better

  4. nandini mehra says:

    i want preparations for the post of inspector/senior assistant in punjab municipal corporations cadre

    • Dear Nandini, its a 100 marks exam from which 50 marks are from GK, Aptitude, English, Punjabi, Reasoning & Rest 50 marks from your subjects according to the post. But as Sr. Asst. Post is for any graduate we are trying to get details of whole syllabus from the department and will inform you soon this. Till then you can go through rest of syllabus and keep visiting for new mock tests.


  5. where is the result ??

  6. it is good learning

  7. sir please send me mock test for prepration of revenue accountant post on my email id


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