Objective Gk Questions – 2

1. Which of the following diseases is often called as ‘ Polio of Agriculture ‘
a. Wheat rust b. Panama Wilt
c. Citrus Canker d. leaf Blight

Ans : a

2. The Chairman of the National Water resource Council of India is :

a. PM                                                             b. Home Minister

c. Minister of Agriculture Resources               d. Minister of Water Resources

Ans : a

3. The country with  Highest per capital milk availability In the world is:

a. Denmark                                                                       b. Iceland

c. New Zealand                                                                d. Holland

Ans : c

4. Manuel Vails has been recently appointed as Pm of :

a. France                                                                          b. Italy

c. Austria                                                                         d. Belgium

Ans : a

5. First World ended in :

a. 1918                                                                            b.1912

c. 1916                                                                            d.1914

Ans : a

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