Important Respiration Questions


Answer the following Questions : 

1. Which of the following has haemoglobin- containing blood :

a. Grasshopper                                         b. Cockroach

c. goose                                                  d. wasp

2. Yeast Converts Glucose into :

a. Starch                                                  b. alcohol

c. lactic acid                                            d. yogurt

3. During respiration in humans, the exchange of gases takes place in :

a. bronchi                                                 b. alveoli

c. bronchioles                                            d. trachea

4. Which of the following does not have lungs for breathing :

a. lizard                                                     b. frog

c. fish                                                         d. fox

5. in cockroach , air enters the body through

a. lungs                                                       b.gills

c. spiracles                                                d. skin

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