Important Respiration Question -II


1. The cells in blood which destroy disease- causing germs as :

a. platelets                                                 b. red blood cells

c. white blood cells                                       d. skin cells

2. In plants, water is transported through,

a. Xylem                                                    b. phloem

c. stomata                                                 d. root hair

3.  Which vein brings clean blood from the lungs into the heart :

a. renal vein                                            b. pulmonary vein

c. vena cava                                            d. hepatic system

4.Coagulation of blood in a cut or wound is brought about by :

a. plasma                                                  b. platelets

c. white blood cells                              d. red blood cell

5. A blood vessel which carries blood bak to the heart is :

a. artery                                                    b. vein

c. capillary                                              d. platelet

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