June Update


LIBYA PM QUITS AFTER ARMED ATTACK ON FAMILY  : Libya interim Prime minister Abdhullah al- Thani stepped down , saying  he and his family had been victim of a traitorous armed  attack

BRAHMOS TEST – FIRED SUCCESSFULLY :The army successfully test- fired an advanced version of 290 km range super sonic missile BRAHMOS as part of a user trail at Pokhran test range in Rajasthan.

SUNIL SABHARWAL :US president Barack Obama has nominated Sunil sabharwal , an independent Indian- American Investor, to a Key administrator post as Alternate Executive Director at the IMF .

VLADIMIR PUTIN :The Name of his wife Lyudmila putin,56, has been removed from his official biography on the Kremlin  website, following the completion of his divorce with her.

SIKH IN UK CAN HEAD ARMED FORCES, JUDICIARY : British Prime Minister David Cameron has for the first time said that the UK is open to having a Sikh as the head of its armed forces or as chief Justice.


AERB : Atomic Energy Regulatory Body

BCCI : Board of Control for Cricket in India

CME :Continuing Medical Education

IPCC: Intergovernmental Panel on Climate change

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