Current Affairs Test Paper-1


1. Currently , The Election of which lok sabha is completed :

a. 15th                                                       b. 16th

c. 17th                                                       d. None

2. The detail of UPSC is in which part of our Constitution :

a. XI                                                            b. XII

c. XIII                                                            d. XIV

3. World’s oldest Sport is :

a. Archer                                                    b. Cricket

c. Golf                                                         d. Disk throw

4. Flipkart buys out which online website recently :

a. Myntra                                                     b. Amazon

c. Ebay                                                        d. None of these

5. Which Cricketer is named as ‘Player of the tournament ‘ in ICC World T 20 :

a. Virat Kohli                                                b. M.S. Dhoni

c. Maxwell                                                  d. Miller

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